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Cobra Drive HD Dash Cameras

With the road being a place where anything can happen, it is important to keep yourself protected against driving accidents, false insurance claims or traffic penalties with a dash camera.

Serving as the perfect eyewitness to provide road users with the ultimate peace of mind, dash cameras, also known as drive recorders, are an essential part of every driver’s safety kit. They continuously record the road ahead and supply vital video footage, which can be used as evidence should you be involved in an accident or provide surveillance when you’re not in your vehicle.

From our introductory Cobra CDR 820E to our dual camera Cobra CDR 895D, the Cobra Drive HD series offers a dash cam for any budget or technical requirement. Our range of Cobra Drive HD cameras offers as standard: 


Continuous Loop Recording

The Cobra Drive HD cameras will never stop recording, even when your vehicle is not in use, to ensure that all types of incidents are caught. Also, they automatically overwrite the oldest footage when the memory card gets full. 



Most of the Cobra Drive HD dash cams are GPS enabled, meaning they embed the exact time, location and speed into any footage. This will be another piece of evidence, if needed, specifying what happened and when. 


3-Axis G-Shock Sensor

The 3-axis G-shock ensures footage is safely stored by measuring any sudden or significant movement and ensuring it is preserved.


SD Card Included

All Cobra Drive HD dash cameras include an SD card so users can be up and running straight away.


High-Definition (HD) Imagery

The HD imagery (between 720 and 1296 pixels) provides drivers with clear imagery so the best possible footage is recorded.


Audio Recording

Not only do our dash cameras record footage, but the inbuilt microphone on all of our devices allows audio to be recorded within your vehicles as further evidence for any incidents you may encounter.


Speed Camera Warnings via iRadar

Some of our dash cams include GPS speed camera warnings when linked up to a smartphone with the iRadar app installed (subscription required). See product specification for applicable devices.


LCD Viewing Screen

The LCD monitor provides sharp, bright images with zero geometric distortion and limited carbon footprint due to its low electricity consumption and heat production.


Wide Viewing Angle

Up to 160-degree wide angle lens allows for maximum capture of the areas surrounding the car.


Round-The-Clock Coverage

As most drivers are not restricted to just driving during daylight hours, the Cobra Drive HD range delivers great performance and recording from dusk till dawn.


For more information about our range of dash cam products, contact the Cobra team on 01928 595 494 or fill in an online enquiry form.

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