The Different Costs of Driving Around the World

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 11:29:30 Europe/London

According to a recent survey by InsureTheGap, 22% of under 25 year olds cannot afford to learn how to drive, nevermind the costs of buying and running a car. What’s more, for those who can drive, other costs, such as petrol and car insurance, are forcing some drivers off the road. With this in mind, we investigated which countries are charging the highest prices for cars, petrol, road tax and insurance, so you can compare prices with our neighbours overseas.


The highest petrol prices around the world are in Hong Kong. In fact, a driver in Hong Kong would have to splash out roughly £110,000 on petrol for a trip to the moon and back, whereas at just 8p a litre in Venezuela, it would only cost a motorist around £6000.

Road tax

Coming in at the top of the bill for road tax prices is the Netherlands. For the same cost of a decade of road tax in the Netherlands, drivers in Hungary could pay their tax bills in advance all the way through to 2164 - although tax on flying cars might have gone up by then.

Car insurance

When it comes to car insurance, the USA charges the most at an average of $1325 per year. In stark comparison, Russia only charges an average of $62 per year. With the spare $1263 a Russian car owner saves compared to their American counterparts, they could buy 120 grams of top quality Beluga caviar or a single shot of Billionaire vodka - the world’s most expensive vodka.

Car prices

The price of an Aston Martin Vantage in Singapore comes in at a hair-raising £308,500. Here in the UK, for the same price you could buy 11 new cars. If your heart is really set on an Aston Martin, however, you could buy 30,000 scale models of the Vantage V8 that James Bond drove in The Living Daylights.

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