Stamping Out 'Crash for Cash' Scams With Dash Cams

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 10:39:57 Europe/London

'Crash for cash’ scams cost UK insurers over £336 million in 2015, increasing motorist’s insurance premiums and creating a lot of emotional upset for drivers nationwide.

Now, ‘crash for cash’ is not a new type criminal activity, it has been happening for years, but with payouts now worth thousands of pounds a shocking one in six UK drivers would consider taking part in a scam for financial gain.

With most crashes, it is difficult to prove who is a fault, but with a dash cam, drivers now have the power to record what really happened. For dash cam footage to be used as evidence in a claim, drivers must seek the right type of camera, but with so many on the market Cobra’s Technical Director at Performance Products Ltd, Antony McCann offers advice on what features these devices must have for drivers not to be caught out.

  1. High-quality video footage is a must – To make sure any footage can be easily viewed, it is recommended that a dash cam should support at least 720p resolution or 1280×720 pixels, also known as HD.

  2. Built-in G-Shock for incident recording – Whenever there is an unexpected impact or sudden braking, the built-in G-Shock will automatically mark the footage for safekeeping, so it doesn’t accidentally get deleted.

  3. Auto-loop recording means an accident is never lostEven if the memory card is full, an auto-loop recording function means a driver will never lose footage of an accident.

  4. ‘File protection’ – A function that guarantees usable footage isn't accidentally recorded over.

  5. GPSThis function allows drivers to record the exact time, date, position and speed they were travelling at if an accident was to take place, helpful information for any insurance claim.

  6. Hardwired dash camsSome insurance companies request dash cams are hardwired into vehicles, meaning they can’t be swapped easily from car to car.

Our selection of feature-rich dash cams:

Cobra CDR855BT Drive HD Dash Cam - £129.99

The CDR855BT Drive HD’s Bluetooth enabled GPS embeds the exact location and time of the vehicle being used in video recordings and comes with free PC software to allow users to easily view footage.

The camera records in 1080P Full HD video, and has a 160-degree viewing angle that films the entire road and driver’s peripherals. This dash cam is ideal for drivers that want ultimate awareness of UK roads.

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Cobra CDR835 Drive HD Dash Cam - £79.99

Perfect for drivers that want a dash cam that simply records the road ahead, the CDR835 Drive HD Dash Cam offers an easy out-of-the box solution that is quick and uncomplicated to set-up. Using a 8GB microSD memory card, the dash cam's parking mode feature provides security while a vehicle is parked.

If the camera doesn't sense any motion for a set time the screen will automatically turn off and stop recording and if movement is then detected it will wake up and start filming.

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 New Snooper DVR-4HD dash cam - £149.99

The Snooper DVR-4HD dash cam is feature rich. Boasting 1080p high definition recording, touch screen, forward collision warning, speed camera detection and a free app to share footage instantly online, the compact dash cam is a must-have in-car accessory for those who love to be behind the wheel and want a reliable witness in the event of a road accident. 

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