Cobra JumPack XL H2O High Power Jump Starter & Power Bank


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Cobra® JumPack XL H2O 

  • Jump Start engines Large & Small - Powerful enough to start multiple engines Petrol & Diesel 
  • 2 x 3 Amp USB outlets - charge various devices while on the go 
  • 600 A Peak Cranking - High power output 
  • 12,000 mAh Lithium Cobalt Battery - ideal for multiple jump starts 

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    The Cobra JumPack XL H2O packs enough power to jumpstart not only standard engine vehicles, but also large petrol and diesel vehicles, motorhomes, vans and even minibuses, multiple times on a single charge through its (12,000mAh) high efficiency lithium cobalt battery.JumPack XL H2O

    A powerful 600Amp peak & 400Amp starting current and can be connected directly to the vehicle battery or the 12V accessory socket. The unit also includes 2 x 3 Amp USB outputs to rapidly charge any 5 Volt USB portable devices from smart phones to tablets to digital cameras, and many other devices.JumPack XL H2O

    The JumPack XL H2O also has the dual capability to charge portable devices up to three times with complete internal protection circuitry including jump starter circuit, reverse polarity, short circuit, over charge and reverse charge protection.



    • 400 Amp Starting Current, 600 Amp Peak Current - Jump starts most petrol and diesel engine passenger, and light duty vehicles.
    • 2 x 3 Amp USB Port for Rapid Charging of Portable Devices - Quickly charge your cell phone, smartphone, tablets and other 5V mobile devices.
    • Built-in LED Torch- Super-bright work LED, SOS and Strobe light.
    • 12,000 mAh Lithium-Cobalt Battery - Holds a charge longer and is 90% smaller than traditional jump starters.
    • Dual jump start capability - Either connect direct to the battery or via the 12v accessory socket.
    • Jump starts your vehicles and charges your mobile devices - Multiple times on one charge.


    Unit Dimensions 184.15mm x 101.6mm x 38.1mm
    Unit Weight 680g.
    Box Dimensions 260.35mm x 222.25mm x 58.42mm
    Box Weight 1.21 kg.
    Battery Lithium-cobalt
    Battery Capacity 12000 mAh 44.4 Wh
    USB Outputs 2 @ 3A each
    Start Current 400A Peak Current 600A
    Model CJSXLH20