Cobra CB Radio 75 ST EU


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A compact and space saving design, Cobra® 75 ST EU is the ideal CB radio choice for vehicles where space is at a premium. The cool looking, convenient 75 ST EU combines all the CB radio functions within the handheld microphone including the illuminated LCD display, channel scan options and Soundtracker® Noise Reduction functions.

  • Maximum 4 Watt Power Output

  • Dimensions - 79mm x 108mm x 32mm

  • Dual Watch Channel Monitoring.

  • SoundTracker® Noise Reduction System.

  • Quick Disconnect Design.

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Full Description


The 75 ST EU is a remote multi-country AM/FM CB radio, with full function, illuminated LCD Display and SoundTracker® Noise Reduction System.

Cobra 75 ST EU CB

Plus Dual-watch to monitor two channels simultaneously and All Channel Scan in a sleek Compact, Ergonomic Hide-Away Design.



Frequency/Channel Display.
Displays operating channel frequency or CB channel number.

Precise Tuning.
Precisely tune to all CB channels quickly.

AM/FM Band Tuning.
Multi-standard programmable for multi-county usage.

Illuminated LCD Display.
Easy-to-read illuminated LCD display in any lighting conditions.

Tactile Controls.
With safety in-mind, the tactile controls allow drivers to feel where the dial is in rotation without taking their eyes off the road. 

Channel Scanner.
The 75 ST EU provides a quick channel scanner to scan all channels for signal. 

Instant Channel 9/19 Access.
Instant access from any channel to Emergency Channel 9 and information Channel 19.

Memory Channels.
75 ST stores up to 10 channels that are frequently used for quicker communications.

Memory Channel Scan.
Allows scanning of up to 10 channels stored in the memory.

Dual Watch Channel Monitoring.
Monitors 2 pre-selected channels simultaneously. 

1 Watt AM/4 Watts FM RF Power Output.
Power Output is the maximum allowed by law. 

Key Lock.
When activated, 75 ST provides key pad security eliminating accidental channel or function changes. 

Channel Saver Circuitry.
Retains last channel after power down.

Quick Disconnect Design.
Allows for easy removal of handpiece. 

Cobra 75 ST EU

Access All Controls on the Microphone.
All the radio controls in one convenient, easy-access location. 

New Harmonized EU Band Power Level.
AM/FM, 4 Watts. 

SoundTracker® Noise Reduction System.
Improves the sound quality of transmitted and received CB signals.

Noise Cancelling Microphone.
Allows crystal clear communication in a noisy environment.

Compact, Ergonomic Hide-Away Design.
Remote installation box installs out of sight under your dash. 



Unit Specifics.

Dimensions Transceiver.

106mm x 35mm x 171mm.

Dimensions Microphone.

79mm x 108mm x 32mm



Frequency Control.

Phase Lock Loop Synthesizer

CB Channels.

AM/FM (26.565 to 27.99125 MHz


1 Year Manufacturer.