Cobra Soho SM660 8km 2-Way PMR Radio 3-Pack


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3-pack 8-Kilometre Walkie Talkie, 2-Way Radios

Smart design with 8-Kilometre range. Voice-activated (VOX) transmission keeps your hands for other tasks. Five selectable tones distinguish between different incoming callers. A total of 968 channel combinations are available when the 8 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes. These combinations prevent interference from other radios.

SM660 includes three walkie talkies in three different colors; red, white and silver.

Buy your Cobra 3 Pack 8km walkie talkie radios today, direct from Cobra.





  • Provides extended signal range up to 8 kilometres with 968 channel combinations
  • Weather Resistant
  • VOX - Voice activated transmission (hands free)
  • CAll Alert - 5 selectable tones distinguishes between different parties on incoming calls

What's in the box?

SM660 includes three walkie talkies in three different colours - red, white and silver

Accessories - Micro USB 'Y' charging cable and rechargable NiMH batteries included


  • Weight: 97.5g
  • Height: 153.62mm
  • Width: 61.3mm
  • Depth: 39.5mm


Unit Specifics.


153.62mm x 61.3mm x 39.46mm.



Battery Type.

Rechargable NiMH batteries included