Bluetooth Speakers

Cobra® Airwave™ Bluetooth Speakers.

Portable speakers are the best way to listen to your tunes when you are out and about or wish to move from room to room.


Cobra’s Airwave™ range of fully integrated Bluetooth devices work with Android, IOS and any Bluetooth-enabled device which includes most laptops, tablets and even some desktop computers. Using Cobra Electronic's history and knowledge in mobile communications including the world’s first CB Radios and market leading two-way walkie-talkies, our portable Bluetooth speakers deliver incredible sound and clarity. Also, our Airwave range does not require a Wi-Fi connection, allowing flexibility on where you can listen to your tunes. Buy online, direct from the manufacturer, on our official UK store.


For more information about our range of bluetooth speakers, contact the Cobra team on 01928 595 494 or fill in an online enquiry form.

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2 Item(s)